Foreign Language and Culture Festival 2020

//Foreign Language and Culture Festival 2020

On 9 March 2019, the Foreign Language and Culture Festival was held in DKP 4, USIM. This event was organized by Foreign Languages Unit of FPBU (Faculty of Major Language Studies), coordinated by Madam Suo Yan Ju and her team for Mandarin, Japanese, and French courses.  The main objective of the event was the promotion of the  three Foreign language courses offered to all USIM students. The event attracted more than 200 participants from various Faculties with many interesting activities: Singing competition on Mandarin and Japanese, cultural poster exhibition, calligraphy, French quizzes and origami.

The Mandarin section presented various ethnic groups and main festivals in China and Chinese calligraphy. The Chinese character 春 chun (“spring”) shown with a beautiful paper cutting was a wish for the success of the event. The Japanese section presented an origami session by Dr. Date Kumiko and Dr.Zoriada Mustafa. Many students enjoyed the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures of a butterfly.  The singing competition successfully handled where many talented students were discovered.  A total of 14 participants from various faculties sang amazing Mandarin or Japanese songs on stage! They enjoyed singing as if were professional singers. Dr. Uni and Madam Suo YanJu also shared the art of producing decorative Japanese and Chinese handwriting with a brush at the Calligraphy section, where students enjoyed writing their names in Japanese and Chinese characters. The French section featured cultural quizzes where more than 100 students participated and won attractive mini prizes. Beautiful and colourful posters on several French-speaking countries prepared by the students of Kolej GENIUS Insan with supervision of Mr. Hamzah were also an attraction during the festival.  The Foreign Language Unit expresses our sincere gratitude to the Dean, the Deputy Deans, the faculty management, and Nadi Thaqafah for their undivided support. It is hoped that this kind of activity can be organised more often in the future to attract more students to attend foreign language courses offered by our faculty.