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Munassiq (Foreign Language)
Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition
Munassiq PhD (Education)
Educational Administration, Gender and School Leadership
Munassiq Master (Arabic Language - Islamic Literature)
Arts & Literature, Linguistic Structures (Incl. Grammar Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics)
Munassiq (DPPI Kohot 4)
Educational Psychology, Psychometric, Guidance and Counselling, comparative and international education
Munassiq PhD (Arabic Language)
Teaching Arabic as a Second Language (TASL), Linguistic Education, Theoretical & Applied Linguistic Studies, Science Medic
Munassiq Master (Arabic Language - Translation)
Applied Linguistics, Translation, Arabic Linguistic Studies
Munassiq Master (Arabic Language - Communication)
Applied Linguistics, Public education, Error analysis
Munassiq (DPPI Kohot 5)
Sociocultural theory, Second language acquisition, interactional linguistics.
Munassiq PhD (English Language)
Education, Early Childhood Education, TESL, Children's Literacy Skills, Multimodal Texts, Teaching, Assessments