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Dean’s Message

Selamat Datang and a warm welcome to the Faculty of Major Language Studies (FPBU), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

FPBU is the custodian of languages and education. Parallel to this, the faculty offers multi language and language-related programmes and courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels namely Arabic, English, Mandarin, Japanese and French languages. As for education, currently we have Islamic education which adds another dimension to the facets of the faculty while adding colour to the academic landscape of the university.

We aim to produce graduates who are skilled and knowledgeable in Arabic, English and other major languages of the world. It also aims to develop graduates in language studies as well as education field who have strong foundations to face the challenges and demands of modern times. In order to meet these goals, the faculty is committed to provide students with top notch facilities and services.

FPBU is currently laying new strategies geared towards initiating change and redesigning process in all its teaching and learning activities. Over the next few years, the faculty will focus on scaling up research projects and networks with our local and international strategic partners.

In addition, we shall be revisiting our academic programmes and initiating other innovations in the faculty. On this front, we will be working on reviewing our existing degree and post graduate programmes and proposing new ones.

We are proud of our reputation of being a faculty that enhances the student-centred learning (SCL) approach, where students can put theory into practice to answer some of the most pressing and challenging questions faced in the world today, in order to make a difference. This is an exciting time for the faculty as we continue to fulfill our mission of reinventing education for a diverse, complex world.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programmes as well as to discover more about our faculty, staff and students. Barakallahufiikum.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainur Rijal Abdul Razak
Faculty of Major Language Studies